Manga Review: Bride of the Water God by Mi-Kyung Yun

           Dark Horse  Published Nov. 6, 2007            184 Pages
Dark Horse
Published Nov. 6, 2007
184 Pages

Soah has just been sacrificed by her village to become to the bride of the Water God. The Water God hasn’t been allowing it to rain in her village, so in order for her village to prosper Soah, the most beautiful girl in the village has to go.

Unsure of her fate, Soah not only has to become accustomed to her new world but also her new husband,who is not exactly what she expected. But things become complicated when she falls for Mui, the Water God’s true form (which Soah does not know).

This manga was actually really good. I was extremely surprised because I really thought it would be bad. Firstly, let me explain the art work.

Nothing was over done and nothing was really cliche. What I loved about the artwork was that the story took place in ancient times, so the kimonos were  long and flowing. Beautiful artwork with extreme care and detail. The only thing that got to me was the fact that almost everyone looked alike. It was as if they were all drawn with the same prototype.

The story was well done and creative. Some things were expected while others weren’t. Now I’ve read most of the series, I say most because the author did one thing that I extremely hate and that is adding unnecessary drama. To my knowledge this series is 22 volumes and counting; half way through the series, the author begins adding more people that do no want to see the main characters happy and in love. It was too much and really confusing. Don’t get me wrong I want to see this series to the end and that is mainly because the last one left off on a big cliff hanger.

Overall, I think this is a really good serious, too long, but good none the less. This manga gets 4 Pickles

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