NetGalley Review: The Feral Child by Che Golden

Quercus  To Be Published June 3, 2014 256 Pages
To Be Published June 3, 2014
256 Pages

*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Maddy is an orphan living in Ireland with her Grandparent. Sick of living in Ireland, sick of her cousins, Maddy has had enough. One day when walking the dog she goes to a castle ruin that is forbidden at night. There she meets a strange boy who wants to play with her when she refuses she realizes that something is wrong with this boy and believes he is a faerie.

Able to escape, Maddy goes home and tells her tale. No one believes her even when the little boy next door is taken no one believes her. When the boy is found, Maddy knows that there is something different about him. She knows he is a changeling.

Determined to get him back, Maddy with the help of her cousins go to save the boy.

I could not stand this book and it is all because of Maddy. Such an angry child. I understand; she lost both of her parents and had to move from her home to place she doesn’t exactly feel accepted. However, she treats her grandparents like crap, not only is she constantly fighting but she slapped her Aunt. Maddy has no respect for anyone and wants to do as she pleases.

The only thing that changes about Maddy at the end of the book is her violence. She still has a attitude and is still rude.

The only thing I can actually say I enjoyed about this book was the dark faeries. The descriptions and the details the author put into them was amazing that I cannot fathom why Maddy was written the way she was. The faeries is what kept me pushing through this book; Maddy was unbearable.

Overall, this book gets 1 Pickle.

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