Adult Book Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Published Sept. 19, 2013  203 Pages
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Published Sept. 19, 2013
203 Pages

Adult Only* I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Karma Points thinks that she is cursed to be a virgin for the rest of her life. Her goal is to lose her virginity before her 20th birthday. Her close friend suggest to go to a club to find a guy willing to sleep with her. There Karma meets Jax, the tattooed bouncer with pretty eyes. Not the guy she normally goes for, Karma says screw it.

However, looks can be deceiving and Jax is far from a man who will take Karma’s virginity on a one night stand. He is completely appalled that Karma would do something like and strikes a deal with her. If after three weeks of spending time together and she can lose her virginity or walk away.

I actually didn’t start off enjoying this book because I didn’t like Karma. She was a brat and annoying. I also couldn’t (and still can’t) understand why she is putting so much pressure on losing her virginity *shrugs* So initially I put the book down for a few days but I decided to pick it up again and I’m glad I did.

For some reason, the author made Karma less obnoxious as the book progressed and I loved it. Karma was witty and less whinny and yeah she had some moments you can tell her age but it wasn’t bad. Karma has a lot of emotional issues and that comes from her mother being a witch and her father allowing her to cling on him so much.

Jax was perfect. Seriously, the perfect guy. He wasn’t just a bouncer but he was a fireman that was raised in a household with a single mom and 5 sisters. Throughout the entire story the author stressed the fact that he was raised right. He sure as heck was. However, my only issues with him is his non-existing back-story. I wanted to know more about him than just the fact he was this perfect gentleman that fall hard for Karma. I liked him a lot but I needed a past to love him.

The story was well developed. It wasn’t just full of teasing and we almost had sex. Karma has some huge issues that needed to be worked out and her issues were constantly moving in and out of the story. That showed talent. I was involved in the story which surprised me because I thought I was going to hate it. My only issue with the story is the fact that Karma is an idiot and proved t the end. I understand why she did what she did but it was no where near necessary. But I have to remind myself . . . she’s 20.

Overall this story gets 4 Pickles.

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