Book Review: Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano

Kathy Dawson Books Published March 25th 2014 388 Pages
Kathy Dawson Books
Published March 25th 2014
388 Pages

Nearly Boswell lives in a trailer home and her mother is a stripper. The only thing Nearly has going for her is her smarts and a scholarship opportunity that she is competing in against her close friend.  The goal is to stay out of sight, keep her face into the books and look for her father in the personal ads.

However, when a serial killer begins attacking girls in Nearly’s school and leaving clues in Nearly’s beloved personal ads, her plan of not being seen changes drastically.  

Things become more complicated when the new boy at school (who is working for the police) takes an interest in Nearly. 

Although I really enjoyed this book, I wasn’t Nearly’s biggest fan. Throughout the entire book she was trying to hide the secret that her mom was a stripper. Seriously, everyone and their grandmother knew what her mom did for a living. I didn’t understand why the author stressed the need to hide her mother’s job. I’m not saying that Nearly needed to say it on the loud speaker or even embrace it. I just felt too much time was put on it, since the only time the mother was there (until the end of the book) was to tell Nearly that school was her way out.

Also Nearly was just tiresome. Reading about her drag around school, and her perfect Asian friend and  her suicidal male friend was just emotionally draining. If it wasn’t for the new boy, with a mysterious past, the book wouldn’t have done much action.

However, that is not to say that the author didn’t write well enough to keep me to the end because she did. There were some twist and turns that made me pause and say good job while others were a bit predictable. I thought it was really creative to have the clues of the murders within the personals and I also liked the fact that Nearly wasn’t crazy or even obsessive. Even with her hidden talent (which really didn’t do anything for this story; have no idea why the author did that) Nearly didn’t come off as anything other than a lonely teenage girl trying to get out of a small town.

Overall, I thought this was a good story. I really loved the murders and how they were written and I loved the clues in the personal section. This story get 3 Pickles.

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