NetGalley Review: The Body in the Woods (Point Last Seen #1) by April Henry

 Henry Holt and Co. To Be Published June 17 2014 272 Pages
Henry Holt and Co.
To Be Published June 17 2014
272 Pages

*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Alexis, Nick, and Ruby are three very different teenagers. Alexis is spending her time not getting close to people, hiding the fact that her mother has an mental illness. Nick plays the fearless hero but is scared he is not good enough and Ruby lives a life examining every detail and being precised.

The three are part of Portland County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and are looking for an autistic man in the woods. Instead of finding the man, they find a dead body of a girl.

Alexis, Nick and Ruby take it upon themselves to find the killer, putting their lives not only in he spotlight but in risk.

I give kudos to this author because the plot is different. Teenagers volunteering to find people lost in the woods is a really cool starting point. I didn’t know that there were organizations such as this and I greatly appreciate the author giving spotlight to teenagers that take their free time to do this.

The story itself was a quick read that gave excitement, suspense, pity and even love. However, although the focus is supposed to be finding the killer, it was really put in the back burner and most of the focus was on Alexis which I didn’t understand why. She spends most of the story looking for her mother and side stepping Ruby who was trying to be her friend. Nick didn’t have a lot of time in the story and it felt like his story wasn’t as important as Alexis and Ruby.

I also felt it was weird that Alexis was so paranoid of anyone finding out about her mother and yet the first boy interested in her and shows her some compassion she spills the beans. I was actually really shocked and annoyed by that.

Ruby was actually the only character I liked. She was awkward but she knew what she wanted and she knew her stuff. I wouldn’t call her obsessed, only dedicated to what she wanted to do. She didn’t have much issues at home only the fact that her parents thought she was really weird and needed an intervention.  Ruby was a great character.

Overall, I thought the story was alright. I feel that there could have been more to it especially since it is in three point of views. So this story get 3 Pickles.

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