Adult Only: NetGalley Book Review: Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose

                Kindle Published March 12, 2014 212 pages
Published March 12, 2014
212 pages


*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Robert Chatham is a billionaire vampire that doesn’t attach himself to anyone. With a different girl every night, Chatham is trying to find a cure. When sponsors a chemistry lab, he meets grad student Liz. 

Liz is trying to find a cure after losing her little sister to cancer. Not only does Chatham and Liz have the desire to find a cure in common, they are both instantly attracted to each other. 

Innocent to everything that involves a man, Liz is about to jump head into a relationship with Chatham, thinking the only issue would be his status as her boss.

This story felt rushed. However, it was a decent read. Liz is a very witty character and I actually liked her. Despite the fact that she was a virgin and haven’t been on a date in forever, she wasn’t naive at all. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that she really couldn’t mind her business. I really thought she passed the line of being curious to invading this vampire’s privacy. Its very weird saying that but yeah.

Chatham was an extremely sensitive vampire. He was holding a torch for his first love and every time he thought about her or even looked at Liz he was crying. For what exactly? I have no idea. After 400 years he just wasn’t getting over anything. I felt that this character was over done.

The story was too short for me to fall in love with it. After a week of dramatics, they both decide they are in love with each other and although Liz gave the hell no to marriage she did decide to stay with him. Meanwhile, she never lost her virginity just did other stuff.

I felt the story was a big pull but it wasn’t horrible just needed more words. Overall it gets 3.5 Pickles. 

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