Quick Five© with Sarah Tregay

Courtesy of Sarah Tregay
Courtesy of Sarah Tregay


Name: Sarah Tregay

Who is Sarah? A lover of graphic design and poetry, who also happened to be raised without a television.

Website: http://www.sarahtregay.com

Twitter: @sarahtregay

Books: Love and Leftovers, Fan Art, B is for Boston Terrier, Creating Pastel Champions, Let’s Go to the Model Horse Show

Buy: Amazon,  and Barnes & Noble

The amazing thing about this author is she used her love for typography and layout to perfect her craft of poetry which lead her to a love of fiction writing. Meet Sarah Tregay, a writer who appreciates the written word as well as the paper it is written on.



How does being part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program help inspire you to keep writing books for YA and Middle School-ers?

Like many of the young people I meet, my “little sister” from Big Brothers Big Sisters is very creative. She is always drawing characters and writing stories. When we are together we share story ideas and bounce plot ideas back and forth. Spending time with creative people is one of the best ways to be inspired—their enthusiasm is contagious.

How has writing poetry helped you write a novel? 

 Katherine Tegen Books To Be Released June 17, 2014            368 Pages
Katherine Tegen Books
To Be Released June 17, 2014
368 Pages

My first novel, Love and Leftovers, is written entirely in poems. Because poetry is concise, it helped me focus on each scene and/or emotion.

My first draft of Fan Art was also written in poems—and was later changed to prose (regular paragraphs) with poems between the chapters. The poems in the first draft helped me capture my character’s voice and get my ideas onto the page without being bogged down with descriptions or transitions. Once I got my ideas in order, I could go back and work on these other elements.

What makes you different from other writers? How would you describe your writing style?

My writing experiments with different formats, particularly poetry. And while Love and Leftovers isn’t the only verse novel out there, a novel written in verse has a different feel and pace than one written in prose. Readers often find verse novels a quick read with space on the page to bring their own experiences into the story.

Fan Art also experiments with formats. Slipped between the chapters of Jamie’s first person narration are poems and artwork by the other characters. Melissa DeJesus did the lovely illustrations for Challis’s character.

 Katherine Tegen Books Published Dec. 27, 2011         432 Pages
Katherine Tegen Books
Published Dec. 27, 2011
432 Pages

What is the emotion you are hoping readers will feel after reading your latest book, Fan Art (to be released in June 2014)?

Fan Art is a sweet YA romance where Jamie falls for his best friend, Mason, and (spoiler alert) it has a feel-good happy ending. I hope that the ending will warm readers’ hearts

Finally, why did you decide to stick to writing YA and not adult books?

I love young adult fiction. It is fast-paced, packed with emotion, and open to different styles and formats. YA is written from the perspective of the teen protagonist, close to the heart and raw around the edges. It tackles big issues, but ends with a kernel of hope. With so much to embrace, I don’t feel the need to write adult fiction.

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