Book Review: No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

Harper Teen Published Jan. 7, 2014 380 Pages
Harper Teen
Published Jan. 7, 2014
380 Pages

Friendly, Wisconsin is a simple town until the most popular girl Ruth is found murdered in a cornfield hung and stuffed like a scarecrow. The police have no leads but quickly place the blame on her boyfriend, the town’s bully. But Kippy and Ruth’s brother doesn’t think he did it.

Armed with Ruth’s diary, Kippy decides to hunt for the real murderer, despite the reluctant town watching her every move.

I couldn’t stand Kippy and I can understand why Ruth felt the way she did. In the beginning of the book it looked as if Kippy was this sane girl who had this amazing relationship with Ruth.

However, Kippy was creepy and just a over-dramatic person. It was also hard to tell if she was in love with Ruth or not (Ruth made a comment about this in her diary).

Kippy was extremely over-dramatic when it came to her feelings. There is nothing wrong with grieving but she took it to a whole different level by being almost down-right disrespectful during the funeral. It was extremely distasteful and I really can’t understand why the author made her as such.

Kippy’s life and death revolved around Ruth and even when she began to have feelings for Ruth’s brother, she would get angry when he would speak about her but then obsesses about her the next page.

I felt that Kippy’s father was too much. The author layed it on thick about a father who really didn’t know how to raise his daughter. I felt a lot of it was bull crap and he for the most part allowed Kippy to act out. When she began acting out too much he really didn’t support her or for the most cut the book crap and actually be there for his daughter. I understand he was trying but it was too much, I didn’t respect him nor Kippy.

However, despite the character flaws, the story was well written and captivating. Yes, it did get boring a little more than half way through the book but the author recovered decently enough and I was able to complete the book.

Overall, this book gets 3 Pickles. That seems a bit nice but I though the author had a good hand on some things that are very key to a mystery novel such as suspense and the thrill of a chase.



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