Manga Review: Inu x Boku SS Vol 1. by Cocoa Fujiwara

           Yen Press  Published Oct. 29, 2013             192 Pages
Yen Press
Published Oct. 29, 2013
192 Pages

Although Ririchiyo Shirakiin is kind at heart when she speaks to people she is cold and mean. Looking to change not only herself but how she treats other people, she moves into an apartment complex that is only for the wealthy. An added plus to this move . . .  Shirakiin has her own secret service (all the tenants do).

But Skirakiin’s bodyguard, Sosuhi, is different. Her dots on her every move and shows complete devotion to her. Taken back by this show of affection, Skirakiin tries to shake Sosuhi off her but is unable to do so.

Despite the peace Shirakiin is trying to achieve there is danger lurking that only Sosuhi can stop.

This manga is extremely cute but it was lacking in true character. Shirakiin is a asshole and can’t figure out why that is the case. Well, that is the case because she was raised to be like that towards people but she is just an asshole.

Her whole issue throughout this book is to change how people see her and to change herself but apparently it is such a struggle for her to be nice even to her bodyguard. I felt that she really had no personality even being a jerk, there was nothing more to her.

Sosuhi was funny but for only so much. He seriously only cares about her and what she lives for.  This foreshadows a budding romance because by the end of the book Shirakiin begins to warm up to Sosuhi. So if you really don’t care for romance in your manga, then do not pick up this book.

I am not completely heartless when it comes to this book I actually really enjoyed it enough to read the second one (review coming soon).  Also by the  end of the book Shirakiin does become less of an ass and a bit more friendly but she is still a brat.

If you do happen to pick up this book and is expecting over the top drawings and facial expressions, it doesn’t happen much in this book; almost none.

Overall this manga gets 4 Pickles. There is huge potential in this series.


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