Book Review: The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

     St. Martin's Griffin Published March 4, 2014              224 Pages
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published March 4, 2014
224 Pages

The teens at the Haven was always told that the outside world was dangerous and that they were safe and protected. It has always been this way at the hospital since its opening in 2020. Everything is monitored, everything is controlled so the teens are safe from the disease that steals their memories, body parts and in some cases kill them. 

However, Shiloh remembers everything. Gideon remembers everything. But Shiloh isn’t sure if the best idea is to rebel. Gideon wants out and he needs Shiloh to do it.

So much hope for this book. SO MUCH HOPE!

This book, from beginning to end, felt as if the writer just threw it together.  Shiloh was so life less throughout the entire book, I couldn’t understand why Williams wrote her the way she did.

Shiloh freaked out before she knew the truth and freaked out someone after she found out the truth. She really just had two emotions: hysteria and panic.

There are two facts in the book. Both are told too early and both do little to change Shiloh’s opinion about things. She eventually decides she wants out because she knows too much and she can’t deal with the everyday knowing the truth.

Gideon was just angry for the most part. Granted he had every right to be but he was just angry and there was such a disconnect between him and Shiloh that I really can’t believe a romance occurred between them.

The entire concept was a great idea but completely poorly executed. The characters were boring, there was no really action, the story-line was slow, and the writing was weak. Overall a huge disappointment. 1 Pickle



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