Book Review: The Vanishing by Wendy Webb

             Hyperion   Published Jan. 21, 2014               304 Pages
Published Jan. 21, 2014
304 Pages

Widowed and penny-less due to the lies and cheats from her husband, Julia needs to start a new life. Ignored by her friends and hounded by media, Julia has locked herself in her house with no where to go. That is until a stranger comes to her door, offering her a chance to escape by becoming Amaris Sinclair, thought to be dead famous horror author’s care taker at Sinclair’s amazing estate in the middle of no where.

Julia takes the position but when her too good to be true life, turns into a mystery to discover all the ghosts that roam the hall, Julia must figure out what really happen on the estate. 

I have completely mixed feelings about this book. So let me begin by saying it was written very well. Webb did a great job of reeling me in but didn’t do a great job of keeping me into the book. The entire concept, the whole “too good to be true” was great at alluding that something big was going to happen.

But when the big happened it was so half assed, I was pissed off. I can see where the author just went “you know what I’m tired, so I’m done.” It was disappointing.

I also have mixed feelings about Julia. She was too naive and child like for me. She didn’t have much fight in her. When she wanted to know something and no one would tell her she would cry about it but then when they say we will tell you late she’ll say okay. It must have not been that important to give up that easy.

I felt that during the entire book the author keep putting off the big picture. I was super excited when it happened but Webb dropped the ball fast and hard after the moment ended and bull crapped the ending.

Overall this book get 2.5 Pickles. Webb had it; the perfect story but got lazy.


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