Book Review: Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan

Thomas Nelson Publishers    Published Nov. 5, 2013               306 Pages
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Published Nov. 5, 2013
306 Pages

The only thing that Tom Harding cares about is the truth. Being a High School reporter, Tom knows how to ask the right questions in order to find the truth. However, when pushing for the truth,

Tom pushes too far and all of a sudden wakes up to an empty house, street and town with a freaky fog full of monsters out to get him. What happened to his mother? To the people of the town? Why is he being hunted? Only the truth will set Tom free.

This book was a disappointment and it made me very sad. The entire concept was very interesting and that is what I was drawn to.  The constant building of questions was great as well but it too way too long for any of those questions to be answered.

Also the book was boring. No real action; just Tom running around getting killed twice and completely not knowing what to do. No real horror; adding a monster chase to a story isn’t the only thing that can be done to make a book a horror book. Nothing scared or shock me and with a title called “Nightmare City” I expected to be scared.

However, the author did a good job with the climax. It wasn’t the best because there was background information missing for the reader,  such as how Tom and his girlfriend got together, and how was his friends able to come into nightmare city (I mean you know why but it was a half ass way to give Tom the answer) therefore causing the lead up to be slack but when everything came to light, finally, I was too disappointed.

Also the author made it that Tom was this amazing reporter who sought the truth no matter the cause but Tom himself was hiding secrets so it made him a hypocrite. Overall this book gets 2 Pickles.



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