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Quick Five© with Natalie Whipple

Courtesy of Natalie Whipple

Courtesy of Natalie Whipple

Name: Natalie Whipple

Who is Natalie? Anime lover originally from the Bay area


Twitter: @nataliewhipple

Books: Transparent (Transparent #1), Blindsided (Transparent #2), House of Ivy & Sorrow, Relax, I’m a Ninja

Buy: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Itunes

It interesting to meet an author who loves one thing but writes about something else. But what is really interesting is to meet an author who is actually good at writing that something else. Readers, meet Natalie Whipple, a force to be reckon with in the YA Paranormal gene.


Your latest book “House of Ivy & Sorrow”  is to be released in April, what inspired you to write that book?

I’d always wanted to write a story about witches, and in fact I’d tried before. That was my 5th and House of Ivy and Sorrow was my 13th (appropriately ;P). The first story really didn’t work, but it gave me a lot to think about and learn from.

Then I had one of those “lightning moments,” you could say. I was driving in an older part of

         Harper Teen   To Be Published April 15, 2014              352 Pages

Harper Teen
To Be Published April 15, 2014
352 Pages

town, and I happened to cross paths with a house that was very, very close to a freeway bridge. Like, right next to it. And I thought to myself, “Man, who would live there? Who would insist on keeping that gorgeous little Victorian house standing despite the freeway for a neighbor?” And because I’m a writer I thought, “Witches, of course.”

So I wrote the first paragraph about a house like that, and it is probably one of my favorite paragraphs I’ve ever written. I kept going, writing about this family of witches living there and why they refuse to leave (because the land is full of magic, obviously) though they have people hunting for them.

How has your other books (“Transparent” & “Blindsided“) prepared you for this story? What have you learned as a writer from your past books?

Interestingly enough, House of Ivy and Sorrow was written before Blindsided. That’s the funny thing about publishing—it’s really hard to tell when the author first wrote the book. Here is the timeline for my soon-to-be four novels out this year:

How has your other books (“Transparent” & “Blindsided“) prepared you for this story? What have you learned as a writer from your past books?

Transparent: First written in 2009, released in 2013
Blindsided: Written in 2013, released in 2014
House of Ivy & Sorrow: Written in 2011, released 2014
Relax, I’m a Ninja: Written in 2008 and early 2009, released in 2014

        Harper Teen   Published May 21, 2013           350 Pages

Harper Teen
Published May 21, 2013
350 Pages

As you can see, it *looks* like I’ve written a lot in one year because many of my books happen to be releasing this year. But in reality some of these stories are up to five years old. So as far as preparation goes, I suppose having a lot of practice writing has helped me understand my process (just finished my 16th novel draft in December), but there are also elements to every book that are new or difficult. Each story has its own set of problems, you could say. That’s what keeps writing interesting.

Why did you choose to write paranormal books? And most importantly Young Adult Paranormal?

I think YA picked me, I guess. I’d tried picture books and middle grade, didn’t really like adult. When I found my first teen character it  felt natural and my voice took off. I write all sorts of YA—from paranormal to sci-fi to contemporary and even fantasy—so I’m not sure if I have a reason for choosing paranormal other than I like it and it’s fun to write. That’s really how I pick any story I choose to write down.

Do you have any plans to write anything other than Young Adult?

         Self Published     To Be Published June 3, 2014

Self Published
To Be Published June 3, 2014

Not really. I love where I’m at.

Finally, what kind of mark do you wish to leave on the literary world?

That’s a rather grand question! I’m not sure I have a plan to leave a mark—I kinda think my mark will be made whether I intend it or not, and it may or may not be one I expected. I love to write stories and I hope people read them and enjoy them. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face by book’s end, then I will consider myself successful.


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