NetGalley Review: Hope is a Ferris Wheel by Robin Herrera

      Amulet Books     To Be Published March 11,2014        272 Page
Amulet Books
To Be Published March 11,2014
272 Page

* I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Star Mackie is 10-years-old and lives in a trailer park with her mom and her sister Winter. The three moved to a new town after Winter is expelled from school.

Things are hard enough at home for Star but trying to make friends in a new town when you hair is blue and cut like a mullet is a bit hard. But when Star starts a poetry club begins to fall in love with the works of Emily Dickerson, she begins to see what life is really about.

This book was incredibly sad as well as cute. Star is a rebel with a cause. I loved her and the fact that she was very conscious of the things happening around. She wasn’t insecure, she didn’t have a lot of problems within her herself but there were  issues around her.

I really loved the fact that she adored her sister.  Winter wasn’t a bad girl she was just frustrated and upset at her mother for quite a bit of things. She loved her sister but she was going through issues and needed space; for a while Star wasn’t okay with that.

But what I really liked about the book was the diversity of the characters. Star makes friends with kids whom you would not think would love poetry and they actually get along with each other even when Star was being a jerk.

I didn’t like her mother so much. It didn’t feel like she cared enough. Don’t get me wrong she cared but not enough for me to feel it passionately. I felt something missing from the mother . . . she was way to bitter for me.

But overall the story was well written and it is a good read for children trying to fit in as well as handling things at home. It was descriptive without being too much but I do wish it was longer. With the climax it ended too short and easily. Overall this book gets 3.5 Pickles.

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