Book Review: Sugar (Sugar Lacey #1) by Bernice L. McFadden

               Plume  Published Jan. 2, 2001             240 Pages
Published Jan. 2, 2001
240 Pages

In Southern towns, especially African American towns, people do not like the boat to be rocked. Sugar makes her way down to Bigelow, Arkansas and brings life and action to a once quiet town.

Hoping to find peace, Sugar settles down only to be stirred by the judgement of the town folk and the demons of her past.

This book was amazing. McFadden created a complex character without making her annoying, needy, bitchy or self centered. Sugar had issues . . .  lots of them and she is trying to get away from that but in order to do that you have to come to terms with your past.

The book itself flowed very easily and it didn’t feel forced. There also wasn’t a lot of stereotypes and I greatly appreciated that. McFadden kept the book old school but not too old where you didn’t feel some kind of connection. I also loved the fact that she kept the ethics of the South very strong throughout this book.

Sugar is a prostitute . . . not by choice. She was abandoned as a baby and three women who happened to be in that field raised her. She is supposed to be the bread winner but Sugar doesn’t want to live that life anymore so she leaves. However, the town quickly finds out about her past and begin to shun her. This isn’t all of Sugar’s problems but its a big chunk.

Although Sugar is complicated you do feel a connection to her. She is lost and she is looking to change her life around and be accepted. I chalk that up to great writing. Overall this book gets 5 Pickles

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