Kindle Review: Ember (Death Collectors #1) by Jessica Sorensen

     Borrowed Hearts Publishing  Published Aug. 28, 2012        337 Pages
Borrowed Hearts Publishing
Published Aug. 28, 2012
337 Pages

17 year old Ember can see how a person will die when she touches them. The only person that knows her secret is her best friend Raven, who not only drags Ember’s goth self to every party but tries to make her life as easy going as possible.

But then she meets Asher Morgan, who is completely surrounded by mystery and is the only person Ember cannot sense death from. Ember is more than excited to be around him but her bliss is short lived when unexplained deaths begin happening over town and all the evidence points to Ember.

Ember must find the answers to not only her ability but to the deaths that occur around her.

This was a decent read but I am not entirely sure I would actually recommend this book. I loved the theme of grim reapers. There are so many stories of who, how and what when it comes to the reapers, but I actually like what Sorensen did.

She created a love triangle -.- good and evil and it wasn’t in bad taste. Ember wanted Asher, while this guy named Cameron wanted Ember. Sorensen didn’t over do it with the romance or dripping love scenes but she did make Asher way too perfect. Cameron was more realistic and I actually prefer him.

I didn’t like Ember or her friend Raven. They both pitied each other and it made their friendship feel fake. Ember was unrealistic. You can’t touch people because you see their death and yet you go to house parties expecting not to be touched. That doesn’t seem right. Ember didn’t seem like she was concerned about the fact that she can see death and Raven was just a jerk even before her mind became warped.

Sorensen laid the drama on too thick when it came to Ember and Raven’s home life. Both mothers were drug addicts, their fathers are gone and Ember’s brother might as well be an addict and Ember is completely disconnected from it all. I felt it was too much.

Although I loved the grim reapers aspect of it, the book as missing action and drive. Ember was boring, Asher was boring and Cameron didn’t have enough time in the book to do a whole lot of trouble.

I was able to finish the book but I needed more out of it. Overall it gets 3 Pickles.




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