Kindle Review: When the Siren Calls by Tom Barry

Troubador Publishing Ltd    Published Nov. 2012            338 Pages
Troubador Publishing Ltd
Published Nov. 2012
338 Pages


Isobel is in a unfulfilled marriage. Contentment is the actual word for what Isobel feels and it is making her bored. She meets Jay, attractive, charming business man who is looking for a way to get up in the world. He invites Isobel to his up and coming resort in Tuscany for a chance of excitement.

Against her husband wishes, Isobel goes under the impression to buy a holiday home but in the mist of all that she starts an emotional affair with Jay, who pushes her limits like never before. But Jay isn’t exactly honest with Isobel and she is caught in a serious game involving money and sex.

As amazing as the summary sounds, this book as boring. What I liked about the book was how beautiful the author wrote it. Everything showed great care and thought; almost poetic in a sense. I really liked that. However, as beautifully written it is the characters stick out as a sore thumb. Isobel played her part well; she is a  bored wife, who has been married for 10 years faithfully. Her husband has been completely thrown into his work neglecting his wife. Throughout the entire book it is assumed he is cheating but nothing is concrete.

Jay is the man trying to come up in the world and oddly enough he isn’t as smooth as you think he would be. Business wise, he is pretty alright but relationships . . .  not so much, which threw me really off. He comes off as this smooth operator when he really isn’t. This changed the whole dynamic of the story.

What I didn’t like was the fact that there was too many characters all doing the same thing and they were overlapping to the point of confusion. Barry choose to tell the story of Isobel and Jay through multiple view points and it was completely unnecessary. There is always multiple people involve but shifting the story so everyone has a piece really wasn’t fitting.

But with all of this the story never lived up to its potential. I’m reading the book believing that there is going to be a passionate affair with drama and excitement. It was boring, no excitement even the sex just seemed boring. Isobel was tested but it seem like she was still just going through the motions.  There is a connection between Isobel and Jay but there is really no spark.

The story seemed more about the game in the business than a actual affair; it was a second thought. Overall I was extremely disappointed with the story and it gets: 2 Pickles.


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