Book Review: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

 Pamela Dorman Books/ Viking  Published Dec 31, 2012          369 Pages
Pamela Dorman Books/ Viking
Published Dec 31, 2012
369 Pages

Lou Clark is 26 years old who just was laid off at her job as a waitress. She lives with her parents and now officially have no idea what to do with herself. Her boyfriend, of six years, Patrick is a fitness trainer and has not made any move to propose to her. Lou is stuck.

Will Traynor has no desire to live. After a motorcycle accident two years ago Will doesn’t see much to anything in life.

Things drastically change when Lou accepts a job as Will’s caregiver.  

This book had me on a emotional roller-coaster. Lou is eccentric only in the way she dresses, which in a way reminds me of child. Throughout this entire book it was hard for me to believe that she was 26. Not because she lived with her parents but she had no ambitions to do anything, she dressed completely crazy and she rarely stood up for herself.

What I did like about her was when she wasn’t confronted with hostility she had a mouth on her. She was quick but she doesn’t do well with issues or confrontation, which made her stale to me throughout most of the book.

Will is the perfect character. He is a broken soul through and through. Before the accident he was climbing mountains, swimming in every sea; he had the perfect girl , the perfect job . . .  he lived the great life. So when the accident occurred everything was ruined and he had nothing to live for. Yes, his story sounds too cliche and over dramatic but the author wrote him so well you don’t even notice it.

The story is written with so much depth and care that despite Lou’s boring self and despite Will’s cliche life you’re rooting for the romance. However, I was pissed off at the end. It was truly the perfect ending because it was surprising and it was not expected. But I did not want it to end that way. I would have not made it end that way. I understand why the author did it that way to avoid a huge cliche but I so wanted it badly.

Overall, this book gets: 5 Pickles

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