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Manga Review: 12 O’Clock Bell Rings by Seishi Kishimoto

         Published 2011              24 Pages

Published 2011
24 Pages

This manga is a twisted retelling of the timeless story Cinderella. It is a quick read but dark and creepy.

Here is what I like about it: the ending was unpredictable which added an even more dark factor to the book. The artwork is amazing. Detailed, and not the typical Manga where the girl is adorably cute and gullible.

However, the biggest downfall about this quick read is it is too quick. There was so much more meat, darkness that could have been added to this story that I strongly believe the author ended too short. To do a retelling of a popular story requires more heart and time and although I loved this story it lacked the depth needed.

Overall this Manga gets: 3.5 Pickles

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