Kindle Review: Just Breathe (Just Breathe Trilogy) by Heather Allen

Ever Harding, a month away from her 18th birthday just had a horrible break up with her boyfriend of three years.

           Self Published  Published March 20, 2013             292 Pages (Paperback)
Self Published
Published March 20, 2013
292 Pages (Paperback)

This is literally the worst thing of her life. But then she meets Jack, new boy in school with amazing eyes that makes her melt. Their meeting exposes family history that ties Ever to the sea is more ways than one and forces Ever to have to make a choice that changes everything the world has ever known.

This book is about mermaids. I didn’t know this because I never read the summary. This book wasn’t the greatest thing I have read and it wasn’t because of Ever. She was a horrible character. Impulsive, bipolar, immature, completely unable to control her emotions and personally didn’t care about anyone but herself and Jack.

Here is my issue with the relationship: Her breakup so was dramatic I thought I was going to be sick. Ever was dumped outside her house on the front step not only did she pass out, she also stood outside mute in the cold doing nothing until her mother came to get her after dark and then, proceeded to be a jerk to everyone in her family and be moody. I understand teen love and I get the emotions all over the place but she was selfish and she proved to be selfish throughout the entire book.

Now when Jack comes along all of a sudden she’s in love. . . . Are you seriously kidding me? Nothing more needs to be said about that.

However, what I did like about the book was the whole twist of mermaids. I thought it was an original idea and it was well written. There were things I wasn’t expecting and I thought the dramatic of the overall story was great. I didn’t agree with adding her brother’s story into the book. I didn’t because it was added a bit late and his voice wasn’t strong enough. . . Ever completely overpowered it; so I believe it was a last thought.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. If you can push pass Ever the book will be good for you. If not then don’t even bother it. This book gets 6 out of 10.


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