NetGalley Review: Nick the Saint by Anthony Szpak

          Vincere Press  To Be Published Jan. 24, 2014            388 Pages
Vincere Press
To Be Published Jan. 24, 2014
388 Pages

*This book was received via NetGalley in exchanged for a honest review*

It’s the Industrial Revolution (American) and business is booming. But little do most people know or want to acknowledge business is growing due to child labor. Children are being used to work long hours, they are beaten and starved and some points killed. However, one person Nick . . . has decided that it must end.

I was disappointed in this book. But here is what I liked about it first. I liked the originality of the story (or at least what the story is supposed to be). Nick is saving children all over New York City factories and he uses his “friend” to complete these daring missions. Here is where the purpose of this mission got lost.

The man that owes all the factories raise Nick to be one of those child workers. But when Nick fell in love with the girl, his “father figure” wanted he kicked him out. Nick ran away with the girl and was caught by the police and was in prison for 10 years.

At this point I believed that Nick is on a revenge mission and at some point he would find out about his real parents. But no; Nick was pissed off after he escaped prison but he wasn’t too serious about taking revenge on his former boss/father. It wasn’t until he said that his former love married the man, that Nick went off.

But even that Nick got himself cleaned up and showed up to her house to run away with her. This is halfway through the book and there are no signs of him talking about saving the kids in the factory. He wanted his love and the life he was supposed to have.

The story was more of a love story that happened to include this man wanting to take down this evil boss. I was expecting that especially since the description didn’t say anything about love. The whole story felt that it was less about the children and more about the love.

As far as writing go . . . it needs work. It was a bit amateur and too whimsical (Nick so happens to break out of jail with an inventor).  Overall this book gets a 5 out of 10.  It has a lot of work if it isn’t supposed to be focused on love.



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