Book Review: Asylum by Madeleine Roux

          Harperteen Published Aug. 20, 2013              310 Pages
Published Aug. 20, 2013
310 Pages

Sixteen year old Dan Crawford is attending New Hampshire College Prep during the summer. The college is located on an old asylum for the criminally insane and in this asylum the warden performed disturbing experiments on his patients. Looking to have a story to tell Dan and his new friends Jordan and Abby, decide to search the abandon areas of the old asylum looking for clues to why it really shut down, not knowing that the three of them are connected to the asylum in more than one way.

This wasn’t a bad read but it also got boring after a while and I really don’t know why the author decided to make a series out of this. What I liked about the book was the creepiness the author tried to keep throughout the book. By adding the photos along with the amazing detail in the writing I thought she did an amazing job trying to creep the readers out. However, with that being sad the book stalled really bad and you saw the brick wall the author hit.

It wasn’t as if she was reaching because it didn’t feel like that. The problem was it took too long for it to pick up speed. Within the first three chapters Dan, Jordan and Abby were getting in some mess. They didn’t even wait for classes to begin before they decided to research the old parts of the asylum. What took too long was for the drama to happen. In the beginning of the book the author decided to focus on the relationship between Dan and Abby . . . bad move. Their relationship didn’t help the story. Why? Because Abby went crazy for 4 chapters and Dan was too much of a punk to say something and Jordan was too sensitive and decided to be angry and in denial for almost all of the book.

I didn’t like Jordan. Dan needed to man up and Abby was being too crappy. There was no reason for any of the characters to be the way they were and this is probably what led to the stall in the book. Which was really sad but the book started out so good and then BLAH BLAH BLAH.

With that being said the ending and the fact that there is a book two kind of ruined things for me. Although there were questions that needed to be answered I didn’t feel the need to have them answered. The ending was too simple and showed a lack of effort and the author tried to leave a cliff hanger but it became sad.

Overall the book gets a 6 out of 10. Will I read the second book? I am not sure again this book wasn’t a bad read just disappointing.

Love, Pickles

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