Book Review: The Crossroads (Haunted Mystery #1) by Chris Grabenstein

    Random House Books for Young Readers       Published May 27, 2008            325 Pages
Random House Books for Young Readers
Published May 27, 2008
325 Pages

Zack, his dad and her stepmom Judy, are moving to his father’s hometown. After losing his not so great mother to cancer, Zack is looking forward to starting over in a new town and house. However, the moment Zack and his family enters the town, things seem a bit off.

50 years ago, a killer slammed his car into a bus killing 40 people; he himself hit a tree and died a fiery death. Now his spirit, which was trapped in the tree he slammed, is released due to a lightening storm and he plans on handling unfinished business that involves Zack and his family.

What I loved about this book was how Grabenstein made it feel as if you were breezing through the chapters. They weren’t overly long but they were full of details, twist and turns. I also loved the fact that he brought out the biggest characteristics of a small town . . . everyone knows everybody/everything.

There were a lot of turns in this book and it was done very respectfully. You didn’t feel overloaded with the information because you was able to piece things together flowingly with the story. It was perfect and it felt like a true mystery.

I also loved the fact that Judy wasn’t a mean stepmother or someone who was trying to hard. She was all for Zack. I didn’t appreciate Zack’s father; he didn’t believe Zack for anything and felt that he was always making up stories. I felt bad because Zack loved his father but also knew that his father would never understand or know the truth about him.

Overall I think this is one of the best mysteries that is perfect for everyone . This book gets 10 out of 10.

Love, Pickles.

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