Graphic Novel Review: not simple by Natsume Ono

Depressing is too light of a word for this book.

       VIZ Media LLC   Published Jan.1, 2010           320 Pages
Published Jan.1, 2010
320 Pages

Ian has a messed up life. His family is a mess but the only hope he has is in his sister.

Ian’s parents are divorced, his mother is an alcoholic and his sister has just been released from jail. Ian starts off living with his mother and begins to do odd jobs to help give her alcohol. When his sister is released she makes him promise her to find his dream and sends him to live with his dad who completely ignores him for his girlfriend.  His sister contacts Ian through her friend who doesn’t live far away from Ian but then one day says she is moving to NYC and disconnected her phone. Thus begins Ian’s journey; traveling from Australia to England to America to find his sister and maybe find out what he wants out of life.

Completely emotional and complicated; I really don’t know how I made it to the end of the book. When you begin reading the book you are hit with the “what the heck”. This was an extremely smart move on the author’s part because you need to know what happened and despite how horrible you feel about this man’s life you keep pushing though to see what happens.

The artwork is nothing spectacular. It is simple work. Maybe a bit amateur because almost everyone looks alike but it isn’t horrible and it doesn’t take away from the greater picture. The story is told from the end to the beginning ,which adds a lot of character to the book and makes it perfect.

However, if you can handle the sadness and depression take a look at this book because that is the only emotion you get out of this book. Overall the graphic novels get 7 out of 10.

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