Fairy Tale Book Review: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Two reasons why this book completely threw me off. Its predictable but not completely as such and not to seem sexist this fairy tale was written by a man.

Before you get all the defensive let me give my review and then plea my case :)

        Harper Collins   Published May 14, 2013             488 Pages
Harper Collins
Published May 14, 2013
488 Pages

Best friends Sophia and Agatha live in a town in which fairy tales are real. The story goes two children are kidnapped and taken to the School for Good or the School of Evil in order to become the villain, the prince, or the princess of a fairy tale. Sophia wants to be kidnapped. She is unhappy with her life at home and plus she is the most beautiful and should be trained to be a princess at the School for Good. Agatha doesn’t believe a word of it but being dressed in all black and not caring what she looks like she would be fitted for the School for Evil.

However, when both of the girls enter the beginnings of this fairy tale you find out that Agatha is placed at the School for Good and Sophia is at the School of Evil. Sophia and Agatha think this is a mistake and they need to simply switch places and all is good. Things aren’t that easy for the ladies and they need to find out who they truly are and how their fairy tale ends.

This book was amazing. The storyline took me by my surprise because there were something that were very expected however, I believe the author wrote it that way to drag into the story so he can prove you wrong. I also loved the fact that although there was an underline to the some of the old fairy tales but it didn’t completely make the story. This is a new fairy tale on its own.

I also liked the fact that it showed the obsession girls have with not only a happy ending but making sure there is a prince in the story. Sophia and Agatha were perfect. I honestly can’t complain or find anything to complain about because they each played their part very well.

I didn’t like the prince . . .  annoying. ANNOYING!

What is not an issue but it didn’t need to be that way . . .  was the length of the book. I didn’t feel the story was dragged out but I wouldn’t have complained if the book was shorter.

Overall, the book gets a perfect score 10 out of 10. Now I was surprised because the author was male because most modern fairy tales are written by women. When I picked up this book or any book there is no attention to what the author looks likes. It is just by chance I looked up this goodreads account.

Anyway perfect book must read. Do I think there needs to be a book two? No, I do not. But I will read it.

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