Kindle Review: Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Motif Ink had an amazing pleasure to interview author Michelle Warren. If you haven’t checked out the interview yet you can here

On the day that Seraphina Parrish turned 16 things begin todramatically change. She sees a woman dressed in black that makes her feel like she’s burning alive. A group of boys are chasing after her (not in the good way) and a handsome boy that makes her trip her words is following her.

   Kristine Michelle Preast    Published Nov 30, 2011                374 Pages
Kristine Michelle Preast
Published Nov 30, 2011
374 Pages

Seraphina thinks she is going crazy. However, when she moves to Chicago to live with her Aunt she realizes that sometimes crazy is actually normal.

I thought this book had good ideas but poorly executed. Firstly, Warren tried too hard with Seraphina. Not everything about this character was believable. For instance, for most of the book she still couldn’t believe the powers of others. She was shocked at everything new that happened and she was too dramatic. Finding out that someone can lift things with their mind and instead of keeping cool you have a completely over the top panic attack. You just found out that you can time travel and you’re freaking out about a floating object. I felt this was unneeded.

But there were good parts to Seraphina. I liked her relationship with her Aunt. She didn’t hold it against her for one not telling her about the family history or two having to start a new school again. Seraphina wasn’t a brat but she also wasn’t particle either. She makes some selfish decisions and I am pretty sure in the next book she will do the same.

Not to sound cliché I loved the handsome stalker boy. What she does with him is predictable however, I liked his personality. Although I wish he was a bit more dominate I did enjoy his presence. 

Overall I felt the book didn’t flow easily from Warren’s mind. I was bored. There wasn’t enough experimenting with her new ability, the drama came a bit too late in the story for me to fully enjoy it.

The book gets 6 out of 10. I am curious to read the second book because there is a lot she can do.



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