Quick Five© with Dawn Robertson

     Courtesy of Dawn Robertson (EroticaDawn.com)
Courtesy of Dawn Robertson (EroticaDawn.com)

Who is Dawn Robertson? Sarcastic realistic mother & lover of romance, smoothies and the convenience of a drive thru.

Book: Her, Finding Willow and Kink in the Halls

Website: http://www.eroticadawn.com/

Where to buy? Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

Everyone loves a good naughty book. Ether its plain old nastiness or just a good story with some great sex, everyone enjoys a book that heightens the physical imagination. With that being said Motif Ink would like to introduce Amzon Best Selling Erotic writer Dawn Robertson. Mother and happy Pitbull owner, Dawn explains to Tania Lasenburg why writing is her life and how she makes it work.


What was it that made you leave you full time job to write? Was it a specific event or just a build up?

I just couldn’t do both anymore. I originally started writing as a hobby. Then it slowly became a full time job, which I absolutely loved doing. I really believe to be happy in life, you need to love what you do.

How did you handle a full house with a new career? 

I still have no idea. I try and write while the kids are at school or sleeping, since it is quiet but with deadlines sometimes that doesn’t always work.  It is a lot of give and take.

Why did you choose Erotica as the genre for your first novel?

Published Oct. 10, 2013       Kindle Edition
Published Oct. 10, 2013
Kindle Edition

This is my first erotic novel, I have written romance under my real name, but when I decided to branch off into something a little more “outside the box” I wanted to distance myself.  I am an erotica junkie myself, and I had so many ideas that fell right into the genre so easily.

How are you able to balance sensual scenes in your novel and the story between the characters?

I still am trying to work on that. I *think* I got it right with Hers, but I certainly struggled. It is a hard balance, because I often found myself questioning whether the sex was too much, or not enough; maybe too early in the book, or not hot enough once the couple established their real relationship. I kind of just threw caution to the wind and hoped it all worked out for the best!

Finally, what inspires your writing?

Everything. But I think most of the time it is a scene.


Always love connecting with her fans follow Dawn Robertson here:



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