Book Review: The Clockwork Scarab (Stoker & Holmes #1) by Colleen Gleason

I love almost anything Sherlock Homles so when I found this book I was excited beyond means.

     Chronicle Books  Published Sept. 17, 2013            356 Pages
Chronicle Books
Published Sept. 17, 2013
356 Pages

Mina Holmes, niece of Sherlock Holmes and Evaline Stoker, sister of Bram Stoker are bound by two things; the fact that they must live up to their family name and that they are the only ones that can find out why two high society girls are missing.

Putting aside a rivalry, that honestly shouldn’t exist, the two ladies meet three gentlemen that not only shape their investigation but their personal lives as well.

I though this book was a great mystery. Yes, you have your romance but it is not heavy at all. What I loved about the layout of the story was it was told in two points of view. So you knew exactly how Holmes saw Stoker and how Stoker felt about Holmes. It was important that you heard these things in their own voices; it added huge character to the book.

I also loved the lack of love and romance in the book. Yes, it is there. For Holmes, I am going to assume that it will be a love triangle but for Stoker I see more of a cut and dry romance and when I say cut and dry that means family difficulties.  But even with these gentlemen in the story there was nothing taken away from the mystery.

I liked the mythology of the book as well. Egyptian mythology is just as detailed as Greek mythology and I liked the fact that the theme wasn’t an Egyptian God trying to get its power back. It’s a bit more complicated.

Holmes and Stoker were great characters. They were both confident women that were very focus on what needed to be done. Although Holmes is much more intellectual than Stoker it isn’t a short coming. Stoker is just as much of a detective as Holmes; maybe not as details but her way is just as effective.

The issue I have between them is their rivalry is jealousy not because they have a past history. The mistrust between the two is understandable because they only know the textbook stuff of each other but they each feel some type of way about each other and make big assumptions about each other. I felt that was un-needed. I’m just glad they aren’t fighting over a boy.

But there was something that I liked about the book but at the same time I didn’t like. Actions Holmes was doing reminded me of the scene in the Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock Holmes. It feels intentional to keep reader interested. Don’t get me wrong it was cool but it instantly reminded me of the movie.

Also the ending of the book was a bit cliché. Granted it’s a great hang cliff to the next book but it is making the second book look predictable.

Overall, the book gets 10 out of 10. The issues I had with the book weren’t bad enough to not love this book.

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