Quick Five© with Wendy Owens


     Courtesy of Wendy Owens
Courtesy of Wendy Owens

Name: Wendy Owens

Who is Wendy?  A down to earth mother, artist, and writer with her priorities straight.

Books: The Guardians Series (1-5), Stubborn Love, Only in Dreams, Ruination Part One

Website: http://wendy-owens.com/

Buy:  Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

Not every interview is honest and not every person you interview is blunt. But every now and then you find a gem in writers and know that deep in your heart you found an amazing writer.  Motif Ink is proud to introduce Wendy Owens. Interviewed by Tania Lasenburg, Wendy explains that writing is her passion but she does have a life.


For years you were selling your artwork. How was creating and selling your art able to help you write and sell your books?

As an artist I learned a lot about finding my own voice. Once I became a writer there was a period of trying to find that again. I knew my art sold because of the uniqueness I put into it. Books work the same, readers are looking for those same qualities, a tale they have never heard before, or at least told in a new way.

Are there writers that influence you to keep writing? If so who are they and how do they influence you?

There are writers that keep me going. I’ll be honest, I love writing for the sake of writing, but it is a business, and if I can’t make a living doing it then I can’t afford to keep doing it. We all have good months and bad months when it comes to sales, but luckily the indie author community is one that pushes you and keeps you going when you are feeling down. Ladies like Samantha Young, Mercy Amare, and Ella James have all given me a push or a bit of advice to keep me going when I worry I might not have what it takes.

       Four Bean Soup Publishing              Published Sept 27, 2013               290  Pages Ebook
Four Bean Soup Publishing
Published Sept 27, 2013
290 Pages Ebook

Do you feel that there is more competition as a writer to get a notice as mainstream now since essentially everyone can be published through self publishing?

There is a ton of competition, but I think the quality authors will always rise to the top. I also think that we are a community that pulls together and helps support each other as authors. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of this community of indie authors so bring on the competition, it’s healthy.

How are you able to balance writing full time and taking care of a full household with pets?

How do I find balance? I don’t. I do my duties as mommy, then write, then do more mommy duties, and then panic when I am behind on my deadlines. Luckily every single time my knight in shining armor, my husband Josh, always comes riding in to save the day. He tries to give me weekends twice a month to have mass focus time. But I live in the real world, laundry often gets done when we run out of clothes, dishes pile up in the sink until we are having company, and there are days we all live in our pajamas. I quit trying to be perfect a long time ago and now I get by happy I get to do what I love and spend so much time with my three kids.

Finally,   why did you choose Young Adult as your genre? Did it prove the creative freedom you was looking for or are you using the Young Adult genre to build your fan base?

I am not one who ties themselves to a genre when I write. I have written young adult as well as new adult, and plan to write adult as well. Each thing I write has simply been a story that forms in my mind. I figure out where it fits on the bookshelf when it’s done.


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