For the Kids Book Review: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

    Walden Pond Press    Publsished Sept 27, 2011               312 Pages
Walden Pond Press
Publsished Sept 27, 2011
312 Pages

Hazel and Jack have been friends since they were six years old. They are now in fifth grade and still really close of friends sharing books and stories created by their imagination. That is until one day Jack stops talking to Hazel. Just completely stops leaves her for other friends and begins acting mean to her. Hazel doesn’t understand why the sudden change.

Smart for her age Hazel knows in time they may not be friends anymore but this was too sudden.  And she’s right Jack goes missing. Comes to find out a woman dressed in white that lives in a castle of ice has taken Jack and it is up to Hazel to get him back in the deep mysterious woods.

This book was a surprise because it didn’t contain action although it feels like it should. Not to say that it is a bad story because of this because it is not. In actuality it was a very cute story about friendship and what the heart truly desires.

For Hazel, Jack is what makes her life worth living. She is adopted, her parents divorced and she had to go to a new school in which everyone acknowledges the fact that she is an Indian girl with a white mother. Jack doesn’t make her feel different and he is helping her through these changes.

Now Hazel’s mother was getting on my nerves. She didn’t want Hazel to spend all her time with Jack. She wanted Hazel to have female friends so she forced her to go hang out with another little girl. Although Hazel did branch out a bit, her mother was a bit of a mess. She wanted Hazel to do different things but when she asked to do something different she told her no.

When Hazel enters the forest she is told constantly to return home and not approach the witch. She is also told constantly throughout the story that even if Jack came back he wouldn’t be the same and at some point she would be a pleasant memory to him. I liked the fact that Hazel acknowledge that but didn’t care she wanted him home and safe.

What I didn’t like about the book how there weren’t any real challenges. All she did was say no throughout the entire story and push through. Even when she reached the Queen she wasn’t evil nor was there a fight or a trick, it was simply if you can convince him to leave then I won’t stop you. I thought that was too easy even for a child.

Overall the book gets 8 out of 10. A slow but recommended read for children who do not mind the non violence.

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