Manga Review: Sankarea: Undying Love by Mitsuru Hattori

      Kodansha Comics   Published June 11, 2013                176 Pages
Kodansha Comics
Published June 11, 2013
176 Pages

This manga is not as creepy as the American cover shows. Chihiro loves zombie movies. So much that he decided to try to raise his dead cat from the grave and tell the most popular girl in school, Sanka Rea who finds out what he is doing, that he only loves zombie girls.

Sanka Rae is unhappy with her life and has made Chihiro vow that if he is able to bring his cat back to life could he bring her back to life when she dies.  Chihiro agrees. By crazy sort of event Sanka Rae dies and is brought back to life by the potion Chihiro creates.

Thus begins a life Chihiro can only dream of.

The story was interesting. Chihiro seems more of an American boy obsessed with zombies more than a Japanese boy obsessed with zombies. Granted this is an Americanized book so that could be a reason why. Sanka Rae is the pretty girl at school with the famous father who also wishes she had a different life because her father is a pedophile.

The cover is misleading. The art is not creepy. It is not scary. It doesn’t leave much to your imagination. But also remember . . .  this is the first volume.

The story itself makes you wonder how Chihiro and Sanka Rae are going to overcome the difficulties they face now that technically Sanka Rae is dead.

Overall this manga gets 8 out of 10. It’s the curiosity that makes me want to keep reading.

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