Book Review: 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter

Shockingly  impressive and cute book.

                Amistad    Published June 8, 2010               335 Pages
Published June 8, 2010
335 Pages

Davie is a dark skin girl who grew up in a small town in Mississippi with an alcoholic of a mother who also happens to get around a lot. After an episode with her mother, Davie decides not to speak anymore and stay away from people. That is until she sees the movie Sixteen Candles. Although she still refuses to speak she has become obsessed with her life being like the movie.

After a very bad incident at a house party, Davie runs away, in order to get a new life. Fast forward about 17 years she is a grown woman living in Hollywood who has pretty much gotten over her past until she sees her former crush that doesn’t remember her but sure wants her.

What I love about this book was how she wasn’t a broken woman that didn’t have a life after leaving. Granted she wasn’t the richest woman but she was happy and was able to live her life. I loved Davie herself. She was funny, honest (most of the time) and very down to earth. I was surprised at how funny the characters were not just Davie but everyone had jokes and it make everyone pretty likeable. 

Also the book was honest from a male’s perspective and a female’s perspective.  I did think some of the issues Davie had with her man were very petty who cares you was the most hated girl in school and why does that have to affect the relationship when it happened 17 years ago.

Other than that the book was well written from beginning and of course  to the happy ending. Overall this book gets a 10 out of 10.






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