Quick Five© with Michelle Warren

Name: Michelle Warren


Who is Michelle? A professional illustrator and designer with a passion for travel and creative writing


Books: The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy


Where to Buy? Amazon and Barnes & Nobles


You don’t meet many authors who live what they write. Granted that is a bit hard if you are writing about fantasy but author Michelle Warren has that taken care of. Interview by Tania Lasenburg, Michelle explains what truly inspires her writing and why she started in the first place.



    Courtesy of Michelle Warren
Courtesy of Michelle Warren

Why did you choose Young Adult? Was it an easier genre for you to launch yourself as a writer or do you have a genuine love for YA?

I was an avid reader of the young adult genre long before I ever attempted to write. Writing YA was a natural transition because I loved reading about those angst-ridden teen years. Reading and writing about it makes me feel young again! And that’s always a good thing.


What exactly led you to become a writer? Was it a gradual or sudden change?

Like so many families, the recession really hit my home life hard. And needing a mental escape, I started playing with story ideas in my head. Gradually, I started brainstorming the ideas on paper, sketching scenes out, and finally, after about a year of this, I decided to attempt to write them in novel form.


You state on your website that you travel and your travels inspire you to create. What are some places you have traveled to and what types of creations have you created?

My husband and I have done quite a lot of international and domestic traveling. In fact, I’ve visited every place my main characters have traveled in Wander Dust, excluding one. (Paris is next on my list of places to see.) Many of the details in the story about each city are from my own experiences, photographs, and sketches. So travel is definitely my biggest inspiration in writing.


What has changed for you as a writer since your first book?

   Kristine Michelle Preast    Published Nov 30, 2011                374 Pages
Kristine Michelle Preast
Published Nov 30, 2011
374 Pages

The biggest change is that work more than I ever have! I’m also a full-time illustrator and designer so adding writing to the mix has been an enormous challenge in time management.


Finally, any new writing coming soon?

Honestly, I have a running list of about 30 ideas for novellas, short stories, and novels. The genres range from revisiting the world of Wandering to contemporary Romance, and suspense. I’m really excited about two current works. One is inspired by a trip I took with my husband to California and the other is inspired by the six years I spent living in Miami.


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