Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

I love Holly Black but did not love this book.

   Little, Brown Books for Young Readers     Published Sept 3, 2013           432 Pages
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published Sept 3, 2013
432 Pages

Tana’s world includes vampires. It also includes a place called Coldtown in which all vampires, found and caught, are sent to live.  This is also a place where humans wanting to turn can go. Ultimately, most people in Coldtown never leave.

Tana wakes up one day after a party in a bath tub with all her dead classmates surrounding her. Left is her infected (bitten by a vampire) ex-boyfriend and an unknown vampire that seems to cause more trouble than good. Abandon by her father for assuming she’s been bitten, hunted down by the police for being at the party, Tana goes to Coldtown as her last hope.

The author creates a new myth for new vampires. If you don’t drink human blood for 88 days then you will not become a vampire. This is the whole concept of the book. Tana watched her mother go through these motions and ended up getting her killed. So in a chance to redeem herself Tana fights tooth and nail to make sure her ex does not drink anybody’s blood even though it risk her life and others around her.

I didn’t like this new myth even though it was creative. It takes away from the vampires we all know and love. Same ways Stephanie Myers made them sparkle; it just takes away from the true monsters they are to be supposedly.

What I thought was unbelievable was how Tana was running around with two vampires and didn’t get eaten alive by them. Don’t get me wrong her ex tried but he was a just turned vampire with that much control not to bite her? Really?

Finally, Tana was passed out in the tub in the bathroom are you saying that those vampires that took out a whole graduating class couldn’t sense her? I mean I guess she was that drunk? I’m not sure but I wanted a better reason for why she was missed.



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