Quick Five© with Anya Allyn

Quick Five© with Anya Allyn

Name: Anya Allyn

Who is Anya? An adventurous mother of four that lives by the sea, walks in the forest and writes horror.

Books: Dollhouse Series 1-4

Where to Buy? Amazon, Itunes, Barnes & Nobles


Psychological thrillers get the blood pumping and no one knows that

Courtesty of Anya Allyn
Courtesty of Anya Allyn

more than author of the Dollhouse Series Anya Allyn.  Interviewed by Tania Lasenburg, Anya explains the importance of horror and what its like to self publish.

Enjoy the Quick Five© with Anya Allyn below:

What made you decide to be a writer? Was this your first choice in a career or did you happen to fall into it?

I worked for seven years as a Features’ Editor before starting to write fiction. I’ve been writing stories since I could hold a crayon though – in very detailed pictures before I learned to write :)

Why did you want to write Young Adult? Was it the appeal that YA is about inch different from Adult fiction?

 Young Adult fiction appeals because that period in your life is a time of so many possibilities and where so many things are new. It’s a time of excitement and change, of leaving childhood behind, and also of discovering who you are as a person. It can also be a time of difficult transitions. For an author, those things are great to write about, especially if your book is set over a length of time – because your character is growing and changing so rapidly.

         Self Published         Published 2012              373 Pages
Self Published
Published 2012
373 Pages

Your books the “Dollhouse series” is considered horror, was there anything that influenced you to make a horror book?

Dollhouse is a psychological or ‘quiet’ horror, as I’m not a fan of violent horror. I think horror is an important genre. It helps you to experience something very scary and know that you got through it – because life throws lots of scary things at you and it’s good to know that you can get through those things, too. It’s a very individual thing though – some people may be so frightened by a book or movie that it affects them adversely, and those people may be better off not watching or reading horror.

Describe your process of being a self published author. What are the pros and cons of being a self published author?

I wrote Dollhouse as a short story and thought I’d try putting it on Amazon. But the story grew so much that it became a book, and now four books – I loved the story and the characters and wanted to tell everything that was forming inside my head. People come to self-publishing in all different ways – some have been previously traditionally published, some come in with a business plan and others just want to write!

The pros of self-publishing are control over your work, control over the book covers, and for some self-publishers they’ve been able to create a viable income that has even enabled them to give up their day job. The cons are the upfront costs; having to do everything yourself and trying to discover the best information and people that you need to put your best work together. The people you need include editors, cover designers and formatters.

Finally, is there anything you would do differently regarding your writing?

I think I just want to try lots of different things, and to do all that I want to do, I need to increase my input. Writing is like a muscle that develops – you do get better and quicker as time goes on. I love learning about the craft of writing, and I can’t see that ever changing!


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