Not Music to My Ears: Book Review: All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry

That cliche quote “never judge a book by its cover” should not be about the cover of a book but about the summary of the novel -.-

    St. Martin's Griffin  Published July 30, 2013             240 Pages
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published July 30, 2013
240 Pages


Best friends Aurora and a nameless narrator are completely obsessed with each other and have been since birth. Their mothers were friends up until Aurora’s father died, who was a famous guitar player. All is well until Jack comes to the their world and steals the nameless narrator’s heart. This supposedly causes a gap in the girls perfect friendship.

No. No. NO.

The book was sub par. The only thing interesting was the background of the girls history. But while Aurora had a story i.e. her father dying and her mother bring on drugs, the nameless narrator was dull. Her mother had this colorful history but it amounted to nothing It did because what the mother was didn’t even rub off on the daughter and there was a lot of implying about that happened with Aurora’s mother and the narrator’s mother.

Nothing was set in stone. Jack when he entered the story did not cause a gap between the girls because he loved the narrator only. He was a struggling musician that saw Aurora as a way to get into the business. No, not sexually nor even implying cheating. Aurora’s father’s death isn’t explained but it is implied that a evil producer had something to do with it. Jack, wanting to get from under, didn’t care and made a deal. The narrator was upset at Aurora for introducing Jack to the producer because again it is implied she knew about him but the narrator quickly gets over it when Aurora is missing/in need.

Another issue about the book is there is nothing defining the girls but their friendship. Aurora is a spoiled brat who can do what she wants and even though the narrator has a bit of a life outside of Aurora its not much to make me like her. The narrator was just blah.

When a summary states that there is going to be a issue between two best friends because of a guy then you expect a crap load of drama. Jack was a guy that choose his dream over the girl and he knew the cost. Aurora didn’t care for the guy she just wanted to go do something and the narrator was dumb enough to not stand up.

The book lacked true passion, drama, music and believable characters. You’re not a bad ass because you wear all black and smoke with your mom.  Over all the book gets 5 out of 10. Completely misleading and boring.


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