Book Review: Sleepless by Cyn Balog

The boring can happen when you expect so much more.

Eron DeMarchelle is the sandman. His job is to seduce humans to sleep and stay out of their lives. But being a former human and ending his term as sandman, Eron is drawn to Julia; a lonely girl with a jerk of an ex-boyfriend who died weeks before.

Delacorte Books for Young Readers Published July 13, 2010           215 Pages
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Published July 13, 2010
215 Pages

Julia is in danger and the only person that can save her is Eron but helping her is more complicated than he thought it would be.

I loved the concept of this book. Sandman falls in love with a human and has to protect her from danger while at the same time easing back into the human world himself. However, the book fell short because of one major thing. Julia isn’t in danger until pretty much the last three chapters of the book.

What I expected or was hoping for in this book was more action and more mythology. When you hear or see the word danger you’re expecting some fast pace action. I was expecting the sandman turning into a human form falling in love and trying to stop the danger that happens to this girl. I wasn’t expecting a 17 year boy standing on a tree limb look into his charges windows.

Although the story lacked passion and fire the story itself was written very well. Overall this book gets 6 out of 10.


Tania Lasenburg is a communications major that plays video games and cyber stalks Gym Class Heroes. Follow her on twitter @mrztanyapickles


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