Book Review: Great Discoveries and Inventions by African-Americans Fourth Edition by David M. Foy

I love history and I love expanding knowledge. I always read what is recommended to me and Discover Black advised that I read this book and I was surprised.

  Duncan & Duncan  Published March 1, 2008             146 Pages
Duncan & Duncan
Published March 1, 2008
146 Pages

Simply put this book is a reference book that details what African Americans have done historically in this world. This is not your common Martin Luther King, Madame C J Walker, or Nat Turner reference book; this book is pages on top of pages of African Americans who are not commonly known to average citizen. This is what I really appreciated about this book. It told information that I didn’t know.

For instance, have you ever heard of Frederick McKinley Jones (1892-1961)? Did you know he invented 16 items that are used today such as the ticket dispensing machine but most importantly the air conditioning unit? Who off the street would know that information?

What I also love about this book is most of all is it makes reference to the fact that these inventions/discoveries are still used today when they were found/created over 70 years ago. The relevance is important in any and all reference books and I believe this book did a really good job of it.

My only qualms about this book . . .  the pictures weren’t in color. LOL

Overall this book (yes it will be rated even though it is a reference book) gets a 9 out of 10. It was extremely informative. Perfect for research papers or just a expansion of knowledge. It wasn’t long and dragged out; it got to the point and provided patent numbers with dates. Book is completely filled with knowledge.

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