Book Review: 45 Pounds by K.A. Barson

Ann Galardi is a 16 year old that is a size 17. She looks at her mother size 6 perfect. She looks at anyone that can shop at clothing store SNAPZ! as perfect. With her Aunt Jackie getting married in 10 weeks, Ann decides to push the mission of losing weight.

       Viking Juvenile  Published July 11, 2013           264 Pages
Viking Juvenile
Published July 11, 2013
264 Pages

I though that book was a good read.  But anyway I was expecting 45 Pounds to be about a weight lost obsessive teenage girl who stares at infomercials and has her picture all over skinny girls in order to inspire her.

That is not really what I got. Ann obviously feels insecure about her body. The first few pages she is shopping for a bathing suit with her mom and she mentions how she was on weight watches and it didn’t really work for her. I understand her issues with a bathing suit but I didn’t understand why she was eating the way she was.

Right after the shopping experience she orders at the fast food court a full meal and a desert. Now before anyone gets upset stating I don’t understand I do know that food is for comfort because at one point it was my comfort that is why I can talk about this book this way. What I didn’t understand was that there was no real discomfort for her to be this way.

She does mention at one point she began eating more when her older brother lived with them and caused a lot of tension and fights but none of that is elaborated. What was the issue with her brother? How old was she when she began turning to food? Was she a big girl before that or did she just eat more because of the family tension?

The story makes it seem as if her brother is the reason she is like this but even when she explains what her brother did there is no interaction between her and her brother even in the past. Were they close? Is that why she turned to food when he began distancing himself?

She wasn’t obsessed with her weight per say.  I say that because she watched one infomercial, order one product (that actually helped her) and that was that. A lot of outside factors was taking up so much of her time that for a lot of the book she really didn’t exercise or at least it doesn’t say she did.

Also the issue with her mother . . .  her mother isn’t as much of a hard ass as I thought she would be. However I have two issues with that. Ann makes it seem as if her mother wasn’t looking out for her most of the time; not true because she was. Secondly, like the last chapter there is a huge explosion and you find out her mother has her own issues with food. Here is where is becomes unbelievable for me. If you are suffering from a mental issue with anything especially food the next day, after a fight with your daughter, you don’t just start eating cake! I felt as if the author at this point was trying to just end the book.

What I did like about the book was the fact that she saw what this was doing to her little sister and decided to change how she was doing things in order to save her sister. Because she did that she was able to change how she saw herself and began to actually exercise.

I also liked the fact that she wasn’t a total loner. Her and her best friend grew apart because her best friend went to another school and we all know most times you get new friends and begin to have less time for those that you don’t see often. But when she gets a new job, she makes a new friend and gets the attention of a boy. I though this was cool because it shows that not all plus size teenagers keep to themselves and eat or play video games -.-

Finally, what I really really liked was Ann was overly witty nor was she overly shy. I cannot tell you how many times I see the overly aggressive plus size woman or the overly withdrawn girl. Like really? There are other types of people.

Overall, the book gets 7 out of 10. It was a good read and I would recommend it to teenagers.  

 ***Forgive me but I really went hard on this review today lol

Tania Lasenburg is a communications major that plays video games and cyber stalks Gym Class Heroes. Follow her on twitter @mrztanyapickles


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