Manga Review: Reversal by Karakara Kemuri

Ayame wants to be a hero. But not just any hero THE HERO everyone turns to and everyone always needs. She’s a daydreamer and a Japanese entertainer (no not a stripper) that specializes in traditional Japanese traditions. One day she saves a man from a dog attack and he drops a game console. Instead of finding him or give it to the lost and found she begins to play it and complications begin ten fold.

         Published 2011
Published 2011

This manga was nothing short of perfection. The story grabs you instantly and you just keep wanting and wanting more. Ayame is more likeable than I thought. After reading the summary I really didn’t think the she would be this interesting person! She wasn’t whinny and for a daydreamer she was still pretty grounded.

When she plays this game she gets caught up in a mess that she is completely not ready for but she adapts faster than most people in the game and she still has a heart which I thought was great.

What was also good about the manga was the respect for Japanese traditions as well as the merging modern culture. The art wasn’t whimsical and that was extremely appreciated.

Amazing read and I highly recommend it. Manga gets 10 out of 10. Sadly . . . there has yet to be a second book :'(

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