Quick Five© with Aubrianna Hunter and Jeremy Laszlo

It is Motif Ink’s honor to present our readers with a special interview today with authors Aubrianna Hunter and Jeremy Laszlo. Interviewed by Tania Lasenburg, Hunter and Jeremy discuss what it was like to work together for an exotic adventure. Their book “Beyond the Mask (The Beyond #1)” can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles

Courtesy of  Aubrianna Hunter
Courtesy of Aubrianna Hunter

Enjoy the Quick Five© Below:

What is the process of writing a book with a coauthor? Were the difficulties easier to deal with because someone was with you during the writing process or did you face the same writer’s block or lack of inspiration?

Aubrianna: Writing with a coauthor was a unique experience for me. Honestly, I found it to be both easier and more challenging. Yes, there was someone there to bounce ideas off of, to help the flow of energy, sometimes to fill in a blank spot. However, you have the challenge of being on the same page. We wrote the first scenes at least three times trying to smooth out the flow. However, once you get it together, it is completely fun. I would definitely consider writing with someone again, if the chemistry was there

Jeremy: I imagine that every co-authored book works differently depending on the authors involved, however, for Aubrianna and I, it was a fairly pain free experience.  Generally speaking, we wrote our own characters, and scenes for the book, layering them together to keep the story and timeline moving in the right direction.  We discussed everything.  Communication is absolutely the key.  But no matter what you do, if you and your co-authors are completely different people, with different ideas for the book, and different writing styles, you will have huge hurdles to overcome.

 I am assuming there needs to be a connection with the authors in order a book to become successful . . . how and when did you two decide to write a book together?

Aubrianna: Hmmmm… We are probably a little out of the ordinary for coauthors. LOL. I still have not actually met him in person. The first time we meet will actually be this coming weekend at a Paracon in Pensacola FL. In fact, we had only talked on the phone once. He already mentioned the phone call the next morning to discuss his ‘great idea’, including the rather nonsensical ranting he had. He did follow it up with a well thought out, well worded email explaining the concept in a more logical order, but honestly I had already decided I would do it. It may be a little crazy, but it was honestly his enthusiasm that drew me. Not to mention, the ranting sounded exactly like something I would do myself, so it actually made sense to me.

Courtesy of Jeremy Laszlo
Courtesy of Jeremy Laszlo

Jeremy: I had spoken to Aubrianna just one time, a call arranged by our publisher.  I had taken a look over one of her manuscripts and so was familiar with her writing style, and focus on characters.  Something about her, and her writing, really spoke to me.  I knew that if we created something together it could be amazing.  I didn’t sleep a wink the night after having spoken to her.  My head refused to shut off, a story that combined both of our styles started to form in my head.  The next morning, after having zero sleep, I thought it wise to call her back and attempt to explain what my sleep deprived mind had come up with.  Beyond that, I, in all my exhausted minded wisdom, asked her to write a trilogy with me.  I am still uncertain to this day what made her accept, as I couldn’t complete a thought at that point let alone a sentence.  But she did.  Just more proof that we share the same type of crazy.

 What in your day to day lives inspired you to write a book with such mature content? Why did you choose to write in that direction?

Aubrianna: The mature content is just what I write. Honestly, because it is what I read. I love romance, I love knowing that I can escape into a book and find a happily ever after. Life is hard and confusing enough, I like knowing the books will be an escape. A ‘beach read’ as I like to call it. However, I don’t like soft, sweet, flowery romance. I like things that are a little more realistic, more sarcastic, and a little harsher. I guess the darker side of romance. Life is not all wine and roses. Toss in the paranormal aspect, vampires, demons, possession, etc. and I still think it needs to be rougher, darker. Even when it comes to sex. Not everyone wants Mr. Grey and his 50 Shades, but not everyone wants completely vanilla either. I like to write a little of the in between.

Jeremy: Erotica is not my genre.  Wasn’t before The Beyond Series, still isn’t.  But it is very familiar to Aubrianna.  I generally write fantasy and paranormal.  So when I “met” Aubrianna, and had the whackadoodle idea that we should write together, naturally I wanted something that added elements of both of our writing styles and genres, but also something that would push the limits of what we were comfortable with.

How do you feel about the growing norm of authors choosing to write young adult books instead of branching off that road?

Aubrianna:  The YA audience was a long ignored group, and now it really does seem to be swinging the other way. It makes sense from a financial standpoint. They are the age group that is most likely to make something ‘trend’. It is a huge market. Especially when you consider the fact that YA appeals to so many people across so many generations. As for why I don’t go that way… Hmmmmm… Get to know me a little. The amount of censorship I would need to employ to write YA would be substantial. However, I do enjoy reading some of the series from that genre.

  Jeremy: I think an author should write what they know, and write what they enjoy.  Everyone should be willing to push their limits, but it does help to know your audience.  That said, young adult books are enjoyed by tweens on up to adults.  It creates a wide margin when considering the audience for a book, so from a sales standpoint it is a wise choice.

  Finally, what should a reader expect on your next collaboration?

Writer's Edge   Publishing  Published Jan 21,2013 251 Pages (Kindle)
Writer’s Edge Publishing
Published Jan 21,2013
251 Pages (Kindle)

Aubrianna:  Welllll… let us finish book three of the trilogy and then we’ll let you know. We have tossed around a few different ideas, one that absolutely tears at my heart just to think about. Oddly, we’ve even tossed around a YA series. It might be nice to write something my kids could actually read. LOL. Since it’s a genre Jeremy is very familiar with, it would help keep me in line. However, at the moment we are still undecided.

 Jeremy: That is a good question.  We have discussed several different ideas from a mainstream YA series, a post-apocalyptic series, and of course a follow up trilogy to our current series.  But first, it is likely we will finish the third book of the Beyond Series, and simply see what happens from there.


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