Book Review: The Robinsons’ Dark Matter by Michael Raymond

Remember when I read Cinder and how skeptical I was of reading a science fiction novel? Well I was asked to read a science fiction novel in exchange for a honest review. So here it is. . . . The Robinsons’ Dark Matter was a well written, entertaining read. This to be honest blew me away.

         Self Published Published: May 28, 2013              382 Pages
Self Published
Published: May 28, 2013
382 Pages

Victoria and Nate Robinson are typical, plain ole teenagers. Victoria, has a huge crush on her brother’s best friend and also loves reading about conspiracy theories. Nate . . . . well he just thinks his sister is weird. Oddly enough they have a decent relationship; they don’t avoid each other in school, and they don’t seem to hate each other (which is new).

But one day coming home from school they hear a strange sound coming from the basement. In this basement is a hidden door that alters gravity and has some suspicious alien technology in it. Curious as all teenagers would be Victoria and Nate discover that everything is not what it seems and that very same night their parents are kidnapped by two very weird men. Although the government tells them they have everything handled, Victoria and Nate take matters into their own hands.

What I loved about this book was the shock I felt when I began the book. Raymond (the author) made the beginning sound like a ending and it ticked me off until I realized what he was doing. He essentially started at the end to have a beginning; I haven’t seen that done in a while and it was done very well.

I also loved when the book switched to the parents point of view. Was not expecting that. Perfect.

What I didn’t like was the teens being in school and acting as if everything is okay. I understood why it was there because it helped in some ways and it moved some expected things around but I could have lived without it.

Raymond was able to keep a good pace in the book minus the school part, the book kept me on my toes that I looked forward to the next page. Not only did I want to see what happened to the parts but I knew something would change big time within those teenagers.

Overall this book gets a 9 out 10. The ending didn’t leave a lot of questions. Only one, which we can make an assumption on. There is a second book called The Robinsons’ Quantum Entanglement. I can honestly say I am looking forward to reading it.


To know more about the author check out Michael Raymond’s interview here


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