Book Review: Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

The biggest thing that I cannot stand in young adult books is the spoiled disrespectful character. I hate it even more when it is the protagonist. With that being said . . .

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

“Embrace” is about 17 year old Violet, who is about to find out that she is part angel. Her “trainer”/ love of her life knows who she is and because he didn’t tell her (because he couldn’t) Violet believes he betrays her. So her revenge? Meet Phoenix, he is the enemy, that Violet wants sexually. Now before I tell you anything further; Violet is a brat. She feel because she hasn’t accepted the fact that she is part angel she can do whatever she wants and do whatever she wants.

The idea that Violet keeps throwing out is Lincoln betrayed her. But in actuality she betrayed Lincoln on so many different levels and she refused to acknowledge that fact. I couldn’t stand her an if she was a real person I would tell her that. Lincoln was a bit of a punk; he knew that Violet was just wrong but he did nothing. Phoenix wanted Violet so to be honest he did nothing wrong and he played his part pretty well.

Violet was disrespectful to those that was trying to help her. Granted finding out you’re part angel and people are after you is a inconvenience but you don’t need to be rude and nasty about it.

She was selfish. She did what she wanted knowing that she would break Lincoln’s heart and I don’t mean going behind his back on a mission; I mean personal and physical actions.

This books gets a 4 out of 10. I will not continue with this series.

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