Book Review: Mirage (Winterhaven #2) by Kristi Cook

I loved Winterhaven. It written well had just the right amount of suspense and sappy teenage supernatural love. However I felt that Mirage, book2, was a bit weak.


It’s senor year for Violet McKenna, her friends and her vampire boyfriend. Excited for a stress-free new year, Violet realizes different when she starts having visions of bad things happening to her friends including her boyfriend attacking her best friend Whitney.  So Violet is on the fence about whether to stop the future or let it happen; causing a very stressful year.

Here is my issue with the book; it was boring. Granted nothing exciting can happen every chapter of the book, but there was too much down time within the book. If I didn’t already enjoy the first book it would have been hard for me to continue this second one.

Also Violet didn’t push hard enough with her boyfriend for me. He was experimenting on a cure and she noticed the changes in him but didn’t confront him about it or tell me that it seemed wrong. I understand she didn’t want to tell him about the vision she had but she knew what he was doing wasn’t healthy and it was a good idea to have her silent on that issue.

Violet, just like in the first book, decided to be strong or gain strength at the end of the book as if it wasn’t needed throughout the entire read.

Mirage gets an 8 out of 10. Mostly because I am looking forward to the final book and the author despite its flaws did leave me wanting more with the ending.

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