Thoughts? Bridget Jones “Mad About Boy”

Apparently the author of the Bridget Jones serious is coming out with a new book called “Mad About Boy”

google images

google images

it has been over 10 years since the author Helen Fielding wrote about Ms. Jones. In this novel supposedly it is present day, Jones still keeps a diary (nothing wrong with an older woman doing that) and she is trying to text and be involved in social media/networking.

Here are my thoughts . . .  there shouldn’t be another book. It ended perfectly with everyone thinking she actually found happiness and hopefully became less goofy.  I think that Jones as a character became a bit annoying because when she was depressed she was depressed.  Grant I’ve been there before but she was over the edge; she couldn’t seem to get it together in a way.

I loved the movies! The books I am on the fence about.  Am I the only one that is no thrilled about a new Bridget Jones book?

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