Opinion: Marie Calloway

So there is this writer, Marie Calloway, and she is causing a stir in the literature world. She wrote a book called


What Purpose Did I Serve in Your Life” which by the way I think is an awesome title. This book apparently is about her sexual experiences. However, instead of a “story” it is about her real, raw personal sexual experiences. Not only is there an issue that her book is a very bluntly written but she is also only 23.

People feel that her writing pushes the line of pornography and she is pushing the limit. Here is my opinion what limits is she pushing by simply talking about her experience. Simply don’t read the book. There are book that talk about bondage and male domination about how many ways you can do this and do that and books like those sell.

Is it possible that there is a huge up roar because she is 23? For people to believe that people or 23 year old women are not dipping their fingers in random things including sexually is very naive. I feel there shouldn’t be an issue with her publishing her experiences. No one has to read her book; no one has to buy her book.

I personally don’t care who she has been with and I have no intentions of reading it. I do, however, believe that there shouldn’t be a limit to what it is written and published. The beauty of humans is we can make choices. So how about everyone just choose not to buy her book instead of trying to silence her?

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