Book Review: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

If you remember my post about the first book then you would know that I was completely in love with the first book. However, the second book was more of a like then love situation.

Still hunting ghosts, Cas Lowood, is missing Anna dressed in blood; only months before she opened the door to hell and saved his life. He should move on right? Not at all, although he is trying with the help of his friends, Cas can’t move on from his first love mainly because he is having nightmares of Anna being tortured in hell; Unable to ignore these dreams and images, Cas takes a trip down past demons in order to save Anna’s life.

In the first book, Cas makes friends with Thomas and Carmel. Thomas and Carmel start dating and Cas is the third wheel, which is fine. What bothered me about these friendships is Carmel. I. COULD. NOT. STAND. HER. She forced herself to be there because she was nosy and her being the most popular girl in school she had to know what was going on. She cheated on Thomas. She wanted everything to be catered to her. For instance, Cas was had to kill a ghost and it was more gruesome than before. Carmel was scared and didn’t want to see the mess. Cas was like well this is my job you don’t have to be here. He was getting tired of her crap towards the end of the novel as well.

Also the book stalled . . .  and it was very noticeable. I under stand why Blake did it and I honestly don’t know if I would do it differently, but even with that said the book still lost points.

Was it as great as number 1? No. Was it good? Yes.

The book gets 7 out of 10.

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