Book Review: Boundless by Cynthia Hand

Let me first begin by stating how I actually really enjoyed the Unearhtly series. However, I am not sad it ended nor am I happy with the author for how she ended it.

Clara Gardner, which we know by now, is part angel and part human. In the first book she fell in love with a country boy named Tucker even though her soulmate is the amazing Christian Prescott. In the second book, she realizes that Tucker’s life would constantly be in danger if she stayed with him and although she tries to keep her feelings for Christian at bay and protect Tucker. Also her brother is going through a mess of things and is being distant from his mother and sister. By the end of the book not only does Clara break up with Tucker but her brother runs away.

In Boundless, she goes away to college with Christian and as much as she tries to forget about Tucker it doesn’t work. There is a huge danger that from the beginning of the book Clara and Christian is prepping for. Hand does a great job of leading up to drama; her details are great and leave much the imagination.  However, she went weak on Clara; who becomes extremely annoying in the book. She leads Christian on who not only puts his life in danger but has worn his heart on his sleeve for her; he even choose her over the girl was in love with before meeting her. I didn’t like how at the end of the book when Clara pretty much gets what she wants there is no sign or mention of Christian as if he didn’t save her life a few times or as if he didn’t love her.

My next issue is Clara’s brother. The whole drama in the book is because of him and the only thing the author figured Clara should say about her brother at the end of the book is that ‘I hope he comes by.” Like REALLY?

I feel that Hand got really lazy for the end of the book and granted the book is all about Clara there still should be something about those boys at the end. 9 years had passed by. LIKE COME ON!

I hope that she decides to come out with a book about Christian that Clara won’t show up in because she pretty much deaded him and I strongly believe that she (Clara) was selfish.

This book gets a 7 out of 10 mainly because that ending was disappointing and Clara was annoying.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Boundless by Cynthia Hand”

  1. I totally agree with your review…I was so disappointed with the ending! I totally agree with your regarding Christain and her brother! Big disappointment for me.

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