Carol Forrester–Jack of All Trades


As the saying goes:

“Jack of all Trades
Master of None”

Though I always strive to improve upon what I have already achieved.

I have just completed my A Level exams, and next year I hope to find myself at University, studying History and Creative Writing.

My dream is to finish a young adult novel, but I do enjoy dabbling in poetry, script, short stories and perhaps in the future I may turn my hand to historical fiction.

With writing there is no real final point. You can write for year upon year and still find yourself improving with each word that hits the page.

I have managed to surround myself with fantastically creative friends, and have met some astounding individuals.

Writing is my passion, and it is one of the few things that has stayed with me throughout my childhood completely.

It draws in every aspect of the world that I love, from fantasy, mythology, history and adventure. I read everything from Shakespeare to Clarissa Clare to Philippa Gregory and F Scott Fitzgerald.

There is even a copy of Dawin’s “The Orgin of Species’ sat in my “to be read” pile.

To write without limits, you need to read without limits, and this is what I try to do.

Brief Bio

Born: 21st December 1993

Home: Shropshire

Nationality: British

(But very proud of her Grandmother’s Irish roots.)

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